Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The Future is Now

I honestly don't think many are reading this blog, but to those who continue to read, thanks, and drop a comment from time to time. Yes, I have to approve them and I don't like anonymous comments, but I do like to know your opinions and thoughts, provided they are expressed in a civil manner.

My wife and I had a great time down in Mexico and hope to return yearly. I had to keep reminding myself that it was February. Following that we enjoyed some time with family in Vernon. It was a bit of a contrast for sure, but it always nice to see kids and grandkids.

I started back to work a couple of days early starting on Saturday past. I have to say that four day shifts in a row is somewhat tiring for my old body. I am actually looking forward to night shift tonight.

Of course, still on all of our minds surrounds what's going to happen with the company in CCAA protection. It sounds like they may want further cost saving concessions. The fear I have is that if concessions get too deep, we may not be able to keep enough ticketed people to keep the mill running.

I am clearly a part of that group and, being at an age where I could take early retirement and go somewhere else I would have to consider all of my options. I have not yet created my resume (or CV as I see often used now) but it is on my list of things to do quickly. I have enjoyed much in the way of benefits working for this company over the years but I am not prepared to live with too much in the way of concessions that reduce my take home pay and/or vacation time. I know there are many others who are feeling the same way and only time will tell how many will opt out of working here versus heading to the oil fields or other places.

It's a difficult situation we all find ourselves in and it is my sincere hope that a way can be found to keep the company afloat and the mill running. Patience has always paid off for me in the past and that's all any of us can do right now. Of course, we have never been in this particular situation before so it is all new at this point. I do have utmost confidence in our wage delegates and the delegates of the other CEP locals to come away with the best possible deal they can, but they may not have a whole lot of choices available to them. Let's remember that when they come home with a new contract, whether bad or not so bad.


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  1. Simon Fox12:28 AM

    Tim it is quite obvious that our executive are caught between a rock and a hard place and I am sure they find concessionary bargaining as distastful as the rest of us. However it is my hope that they at least are able to return to us with an acceptable agreement.

    I only hope that they allow us the time to properly digest this deal. The last time we voted we were told time was of the essence and at the end of the day we had way more time to vote than we thought. What also concerns me are the threats that if you vote no"as a union" that they will just close that division down. No one likes to be threatened. Also just as disturbing is a comment that our mill manager allegedly made," vote yes to the deal and then if you don't like it you can just leave.
    Regardless of how anyone votes i urge the membership to realize that everyone has to vote on what is best for them and their families. Regardless of how this whole situation turns out we are union brothers and sisters.



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